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Address: 56, Jalan Nilam 1, Taman Maju Jaya, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Web Design

The first impression counts! Successful web design demands a conceptual clarity, an ability to visualize the overall solution and an innovative design interface that stands out from the rest.

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Web App development

Whether you need a Content Management System, Ecommerce, or Custom Web Application, our web development team will work with you to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.

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Online Marketing

We help our clients to deliver outstanding online marketing results and also help them to build a stronger root in the digital world with our online marketing strategies: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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Professional Services

More than 20 year’s operating successfully; this will able to provide cheapest supporting services.

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Our Services

Our space tells a lot about us. Whether it is our place of residence or a place of business, the ambience projected by our space gives a lasting impression, a piece of who we are.


No jobs are too big or too small

We go beyond just replacing the old or repairing the damaged. We strive to improve any type of space, inspired by our clients' vision of their dream home or establishment.


10% discount

For jobs more than $1500, we offer 10% discount.


Quality Control

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Web Design & Hosting

Abiezer is a professional web Services Company based in Malaysia which delivers advanced online solutions for all businesses throughout Malaysia and all around the world. Since establishment, we have worked with a wide range of clients to provide them with cost effective and profitable solutions tailored to their needs, budget and goals. At Abiezer, we have an experienced team of computer professionals who are committed in offering their best services to meet your expectation.

What we offer?

The core of our success is the custom-made solutions provided which are up-to-date, objective, and precise in their presentation. We constantly maintain communication with our clients to keep them informed, to ensure that the design and development services provided are well-maintained, revised and modernized to follow the rapid technological development and changes.

Our team knows what’s right for you. Your satisfaction recognises of our professionalism.

Web Design & Development
Web Hosting Solution
E-Commerce Website
Web Application Development
Online Advertising
Web Maintenance Services
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Social Networking
Digital Media
Multimedia Creation
Young, Dynamic & Experienced team

We have very good attitude Young, Dynamic & Experienced team in this market. Give you necessary requirements and guide you sales after service without any additional charges to keep our clients as good references and advertisement for us among our client friends and business partners.


Solutions are tailored-made for every single client to ensure that it is helpful in reaching clients’ goals, within the promised timeframe. Clients’ enquiries and problems are taken into consideration and we make every effort to meet their needs and aims

Latest technologies

We deploy the latest technology in providing services. To guarantee this, our team continuously equip themselves with updated information and technology.

IT & Networking Services

Abiezer has been involved in many internal and external wireless network solutions for well over a decade. The extensive experience gained during this time has enabled us to mature as a provider of best of breed wireless solutions for which we are held in high regard within the wireless industry. Talk to us to find out how we can save you money and increase your network throughput. Contact our executives and ask more about our services. Providing Cost Effective, Efficient Internal and External Wireless Solutions

What we offer?

Inter-connect branches
Educational Wireless Connect
Emergency services connect
External Wireless
Social Inclusion
Wireless Economy
Mobile Networking
Internal Wireless
Infrastructure Services
Wireless CCTV

Abiezer were at the forefront of wireless technology when wireless first appeared in the information technology arena. In our experience and understanding of wireless technologies we often exceed the expectations of our customers by installing wireless solutions designed for current and future requirements with in less than your budget.

Design & Printing Services

Abiezer Printing provides excellent printing solutions to your company’s needs using state of the art technology. We understand that for every print business, the result is judged not just by the print – but by the results or sales it can bring you. As such, when you engage our printing services, you get a free consultation on the marketing aspect of your print

What we offer?

Our team has many years of combined experience in not just printing, but also in advertising, enabling us to produce “Quality Concepts” to attract your customer’s attention and a “Quality Print” to deliver your message. Our print facility is located in Malaysia & India. which gives us the advantage of providing the most cost effective solutions for your company. We specialize in the following print supplies with very low price

Annual Reports & booklets
Brochures & Catalogues
Calendars & Flyers
Corporate Folders & Envelopes
Letterheads & Packing box
Invitation Cards
Corporate Greeting cards
Banners & Posters
Wall paper & Signs
Public media advertisement

If you are looking for special make paper items like emboss, lamination, special color, etc. We can customize your document requirement accordingly. Identify your needs, within your budget, usage, durability, etc. We have list of common sizes. However, if you require custom sizes, do contact us.