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Our Services

Our space tells a lot about us. Whether it is our place of residence or a place of business, the ambience projected by our space gives a lasting impression, a piece of who we are.

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100% Satisfaction

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for all our works.

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Contact us today at +6 012 229 0700 or to get free Estimate.

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No jobs are too big or too small

We go beyond just replacing the old or repairing the damaged. We strive to improve any type of space, inspired by our clients' vision of their dream home or establishment.

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Quality Control

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Marine Engineering Services

We are one-stop integrated new installation, repair and medication specialist in the offshore and marine industry; we specialize in the following services:

  • Structural Steel modification and repair works
  • LP & HP pipe line installation and modification.
  • UHP Hydro-blasting & Coating Process Modules
  • Marine Accommodation Outfitting & Furnishing
  • Offshore Accommodation Modules
  • Electrical & Cabling Work
  • EPCC of E-Houses & Process Modules
  • Architectural Outfitting and Accommodation Systems
  • (European & other specified manufacturers by client)
  • Laundry, Gymnasium, Hospital, clinical, Galley & Messing Equipment
  • Electrical Work & Piping Work
  • F & G System and PA & Fire Alarm
  • Steel & Wooden Furniture for office and living rooms.
  • HVAC Cold room Modular Systems
  • Asbestos Abatement & Scaffolding
  • Marine & Oilfield Equipment, Machinery and Spare Parts
  • Supply of semi-skilled marine / construction workers.
  • Supply of Project Personnel - Engineers & Autocad Design Draughtmen, Onsite Supervisors, Structural & Piping Inspectors, QA/QC Inspectors, Confined space assessors and Safety Supervisors.
  • Supply of Skilled and Class Certified Welders - 3G/4G/6G/6GR and other professional workers.
  • Electricians, Steel/ Pipe Fitters & Interior Architectural Outfitters

Our specialist in the Marine Interior Accommodation Systems, office, workshop related rooms, and Living Quarters Modules which include the complete structural steelwork, pipe work, electrical & fire protection system, interior architectural package, all kind of utilities system and HVAC.

Marine Engineering Services

LQ Piping, High Pressure piping, Low pressure piping, LP reverse circulation Line, Mud pump strainer, Drain line, Drain sump with FRP grating, LP mud line, Strainer for the HP mud pump, Butterfly valve, Knife gate valve, mud pump relief valves, Drain line tank & raw water tower.

Cold room package, Air-con, Portable water pump system, MCC unit, Dumb waiter, Nitrogen Generator, 7th Shale Shaker, Trash compactor, Vacuum unit, Drill Line Spool, Base oil tank, Tuff Gut and trash compactor, Mux room Air-conditioning unit.

Maintenance Platform, Workshop platform, York Access platform, Yoke access stairway, Wire line tower platform, crane block storage frame, antenna supporting frame, tree working platform & lay down platform.

Module Toilet, Cabin, office, training room, recreation room, Change room, Passage way, Staircase, Subsea workshop & office, Mess Room & Galley, Conference room, Laboratory Room & Many more

Living Quarter Module, Recreation Room module, Helidesk, Generator module, Tier Accommodation module, Emergency Generator module & Modular Cabin’s.

Any process equipments and pipeline spare parts, accessories, filters, strainers, pumps, instruments, controls, valves, fittings, bolt, nut, washers, hinges, nozzles, furniture, tools and peripherals.

ABIEZER Marine Maintenance has been providing repair facilities to all kinds of offshore and port service vessels, on its dry berths located inside in main land or island off shore of Singapore and Malaysia. The range of services include electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration, engines, propellers, piping and deck and hull repair work including cleaning and painting, inspection, repair and maintenance.