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Our space tells a lot about us. Whether it is our place of residence or a place of business, the ambience projected by our space gives a lasting impression, a piece of who we are.

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We go beyond just replacing the old or repairing the damaged. We strive to improve any type of space, inspired by our clients' vision of their dream home or establishment.

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Abiezer is a high tech industrial maintenance management and cleaning firm that specializes in facilities management and detailing of the following fields.

  • verall building services maintenance (Fire protection, M&E, Air-con & Elevators)
  • Fume scrubbers / washer
  • Blower / fan / pumps system,
  • Cooling towers / chiller / CDA plant
  • Duct / piping works (FRP/PP/PE/GI)
  • Waste / water treatment plant
  • Chemical / storage holding Tanks
  • Electrical / instruments / Elevators
  • Clean room / HVAC / Air-con ducting.
  • Industrial cleaning services
  • Cafeteria / Canteen management

We understand the importance of maintaining all of your equipments at the highest level of performance. In addition, we also recognize the possibility for obstacles to arise during your annual shut down periods when a great deal of work needs to be completed in a very short amount of time. Consequently, in the event you may consider outside assistance in any of these areas, please keep us in mind. We would like to be given the opportunity to act as your personal general contractor in whichever line of service you should choose.

Safety is of the utmost importance at Abiezer. This is truly not just a glittering generality. Due to the nature of the industry, the character of most job sites and our responsibility to both your facility and our employees, Abiezer conducts all operations with safety as the main objective. In essence, safety is our corporate philosophy. Abiezer would be honored to follow up with a proposal to clean and service any of these items listed. Enclosed are Abiezer capabilities.

Preparation is also the key to the success of any project. For this purpose, Abiezer provides a General Site Safety and Health Plan (GSSHP) to clarify and discern any potential hazards that may exist, or arise, during the execution of any project. The plan establishes safety procedures that are designed to protect the health and safety of employees associated with the site project and operations. This program is also designed to identify, eliminate, and/or control anticipated safety and health hazards.

Abiezer carries out maintenance of complete building services in strict accordance with current acceptable standards, the code of practice for the maintenance of all kind of building services like all M&E works. All maintenance work carried out is certificated accordingly after completion. Our engineers are trained technicians under the specific fields.

Abiezer can offer cost effective preventive maintenance contracts. Once a contract is agreed we will schedule your service visits on our database. We will inform you when your next service visit is due and our engineer will call to make a convenient appointment. This alleviates you, the client, from worrying about when your equipment needs servicing thus helping you to comply with current legislation.

Abiezer flexible programs are tailored to suit your function, budget, and imagge. We offer a full range for custodial servies, available daily, weekly, monthly and on special request too. All works closely supervised by our management team to keep consistently with high quality.

Having a service contract with Abiezer entitles you to our emergency call-out service. Should you need our assistance between services visits all you need do is telephone our office. Calls received out of normal working hours are automatically diverted to our duty engineer. This means that you can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The benefit of this service is that you will always be able to speak to an engineer, not an answering service.

Abiezer assures NO SERVICE AFFECT in your plant facilities during our services.

  • Fire protection system
  • Sprinkler / Extinguisher / Alarm
  • Inspection, maintenance
  • Elevators / Escalators
  • Air-conditioning / split air-cons
  • Piping works / flexible joints
  • Refurbishing / Insulations of pipes / duct
  • Decontaminations
  • Electrical / lighting systems
  • Building painting works
  • Parts and Services / Air-cons / fans / E&I / Pumps / Pipes / Nozzles and others
  • We are providing maintenance service in contract basis like half / yearly

Abiezer Electrical team offers a fully integrated solution for your electrical, instrumentation & control system needs for industrial electrical, instrumentation and control needs. With the diverse operating segments of ABIEZER, we are capable of providing design, manufacture and supply of modular systems to groundbreaking installations and sales after maintenance and modification services.

The electrical and instrumentation group offers the following services.

  • MCC/VSD/PLC/Starter Panels
  • New construction Control system
  • Plant system Turnarounds
  • System Routine Maintenance
  • Site new Commissioning
  • Inspection Services
  • Problem Troubleshooting
  • Modification & Project Management

The services that ABIEZER provides are tailored to meet the demands of the following industries:

  • Petroleum Refining, Power Generation
  • Marine
  • Food Processing
  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Shipbuilding
  • Concrete Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Pipeline
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Environmental & Clean Energy

Our Products:

  • MCC Power panel
  • APFC panels
  • Programmable Logic controller panel
  • Distribution panel board
  • Control panel board
  • Industrial starter panel
  • Instrument control panels
  • Hydro pneumatic systems
  • Valve manifold boxes
  • Power control centers
  • Process automation
  • Local control stations
  • Industrial door / gates security system
  • Industrial junction boxes
  • Industrial / commercial building CCTV monitoring
  • Automatic Car Barrier and EPS System
  • Industrial plants maintenance services
  • Industrial / commercial building fire alarm system

Abiezer provides an extensive line of services for your Fume Scrubber's needs. We provide contract-cleaning services including monthly, annual and semi-annual preventive maintenance programs. Periodic maintenance keeps your Fume Scrubber(s) operating efficiently, as designed by the manufacturer. Fume Scrubbers are used extensively in the Semiconductor, Biotechnology, and Plating industries to eliminate the fumes and vapors that result from the variety of chemicals that are often used in these processes. There are a several conditions that will result in a loss of scrubbing efficiency. A fouled media bed or mist eliminator, water distribution headers and nozzles, or other harmful conditions may jeopardize operational efficiency and could result in a liability risk for your facility. Fume Scrubbers prevent gaseous pollutants, contaminated air, and toxic vapors that develop in various manufacturing and processing facilities, and other internal work sites, from polluting the atmosphere. Consequently, it is important to sustain a periodic inspection and maintenance program to keep your unit running first-rate. Abiezer cleans and replaces a wide range of random and structure pack media. Different types of media are available in a wide variety of materials and designs. Abiezer can assist you in choosing the correct type for your application. Our technicians can service many different types of units by cleaning the media in place or removing it from the unit to gain access to hard to reach places. Feel free to call our staff at any time for an inspection of your equipment.

Abiezer assures NO UNEXPECTED DOWNTIME during our services.

  • All type of media like Jeager, Lantec, Munters
  • Access windows & ports
  • Inspection, maintenance
  • Laminating and Painting
  • Duct cleaning
  • Piping works / flexible joints
  • Refurbishing
  • Decontaminations
  • Distribution systems
  • Demister / Carbon column
  • Parts and Services / packing / fans / E&I / Pumps, Nozzles and others
  • We are providing maintenance service in contract basis like half / yearly

Abiezer offers a wide range of Acid Waste Neutralization System (AWN), Double Containment Vault, Drain and Trench, as well as Chemical and Liquid Holding Tank cleaning services. As confined space projects can always incorporate a certain level of risk, all Abiezer personnel are extensively trained, certified, and equipped with proper safety equipment to enter enclosed spaces. Our technicians can provide Permit Required Confined Space cleaning, washing, rinsing and light repair of tanks. In addition, FCT has the capability to chemically clean tanks as well. All local, state, and federal regulations are strictly followed, and in most cases extended.

Abiezer utilizes different types of monitoring equipment and detection devices to determine any potential problems that may occur during tank cleanings. Our technicians use APR’s, SAR’s, and/or SCBA’s depending on the nature of the project. They also use the appropriate harness and personnel retrieval equipment during all work inside an enclosed space. We will provide all means to protect not just our personnel, but any other contractors and facility employees that may be affected by our service.

Abiezer is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Decontamination
  • Confined space Assessment
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Flushing / Vacuuming
  • Cleaning and water (Hydro) blasting
  • Sterilization
  • Pipe works modification
  • Remediation
  • Additional installation
  • FRP coating / painting
  • Parts and Services / disposal / mixer / E&I / Pumps, Nozzles and others
  • We are providing maintenance service in contract basis like half / yearly

Abiezer personnel can offer a variety of pressure washing services. Our technicians can clean all types of equipment to remove dirt, grit, debris, and sedimentation. Our technicians clean all types of equipment pads, awnings, sidewalks, building exteriors, plumbing or ducting, HVAC systems, or any other type of external equipment. Clean equipment is easier to service and repair, runs smoother, and can potentially use less energy.

Our technicians are also experienced, extensively trained, and properly equipped with all the equipment necessary to clean all types of air ducting and HVAC systems. A variety of chemical and biological contaminates such as bacteria, fungi, dirt, and debris can potentially congest and block air ducts connected to fume scrubbers, exhaust blowers, or HVAC units. Our technicians can vacuum, decontaminate, and thoroughly clean all types air ducts to eliminate various particulate build-up that may contribute to decreased air filtration and airflow or inadequate ventilation through your building. . Abiezer technicians can also provide remediation or light repair of FRP, PVC- rigid and flexible, and Polypropylene Ducting. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your exhaust ducting can increase the efficiency of your scrubber and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

In addition, Abiezer)offers a wide range of Fan & Blower services for varied applications, ranging from fiberglass and galvanized blowers, to standard exhaust fans. It is important to periodically clean blower wheels to remove any buildup that may accumulate during the course of the year. Residual buildup as a result of manufacturing processes may throw a blower off-balance and adversely affect the performance and longevity of your equipment. Our experienced staff can provide, or help coordinate, the following services.

Abiezer is providing service for clean room maintenance

  • Painting / FRP Coating
  • Confined space Assessment
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Flushing / Vacuuming
  • Cleaning and water (Hydro) blasting
  • Crane service
  • FRP / PP duct works modification
  • Steel / FRP fabrication

The nature of work waste sites makes emergencies a continual possibility. Emergencies happen quickly and unexpectedly and require an immediate response. Prior to any operation, all facility contacts and Abiezer employees are requested to review and become familiar with this Site Safety and Health Plan. In addition, all information associated with and pertinent to a particular project is combined with this plan in order to tailor it to the specific site. A copy of your facilities Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) or Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP) will be added to the General Site Safety and Health Plan (GSSHP), in the appropriate section. Your Abiezer representative will also include a scope of work for any contracted services.

There exist many possible hazards inside a confined space. The most harmful and difficult to identify are hazardous atmospheres. Abiezer provides a variety of confined space cleaning services. A confined space is defined as an area which consists of a enclosure large enough and configured for an individual to enter and perform assigned work, has limited or restricted means for entry or exit, and is not designated for continuous occupancy. However, there has been much confusion and debate in regards to the limitations of this definition. In general, it was intended to restrict interpretation to those areas where an employee would be forced to enter or exit in a posture that may compromise self-rescue or make rescue more difficult. A permit required confined space is an area that presents certain atmospheric, engulfment, or configuration hazards. In either case, there is a standard minimum requirement of three people in order to perform work in a confined space.

Abiezer is providing service for clean room maintenance

  • Hazardous material response procedures
  • CPR / First aid
  • Confined space assessment
  • Lock out / Tag out
  • Overall project safety management
  • Back safety / lifting procedures
  • Accident investigation / documentation
  • Right to know / Fall protection

Abiezer has a solution for every type of cleaning need, be it specialized in clean room cleaning or customized solutions for complete cleaning range covering everything from food industry, washroom services to dust control and specialized cleaning solutions.

Clean surroundings and a healthy working environment are not only prerequisites for a functional environment, but also the basis for well-being and employee productivity. Most people enjoy and appreciate clean and fresh surroundings.

For more than 7 years Abiezer has set new standards within cleaning services throughout the World by offering efficient and flexible cleaning solutions. All of our solutions are based on each individual customer's needs and wishes. We are constantly developing new methods, tools and materials, which help improve the cleaning as well as the working conditions of our employees while minimizing any negative effects on the environment.

Our skilled and motivated employees are an essential part of our success, because it is our employees' attitude, service-level and efforts that ensure living up to our customers' expectations.

Therefore we put a lot of effort into recruitment, employee development and people management. Only by offering attractive working conditions can we hire the qualified people we need to deliver high quality service to our customers.

With outset in our customer's needs we provide a customized cleaning solution where scope, level and the combination of services are carefully adjusted to each customer. Ongoing quality control ensures that we constantly live up to the expectations.

Abiezer is providing service upon package system

  • Daily office cleaning with back-up
  • Visible cleaning without disturb operation
  • Periodical cleaning like curtain, carpet
  • Specialized solution like clean room
  • IT cleaning as Telephone, PC, server rm
  • Interior landscaping with planting environ
  • Window polishing / maintenance
  • Dust control lk mat cleaning
  • Washroom service / maintenance
  • Dust control lk mat cleaning

Abiezer (M) Sdn Bhd (Abiezer )has a solution for all kind of your facilities needs. Whether you need a company restaurant, coffee environments for your employees or simply catering for your meeting facilities or supply meal to your staffs or workers, we may customize a solution that accommodates your specific needs.

Catering is about creating the right environment for the company lunch and not just a question of feeding people. We do this by providing a balanced and tasty diet, served in a comfortable and inviting environment.

Abiezer has a long list of customers with catering solutions ranging from employee restaurants to public canteens. Our solutions are as diverse as our customers, but they are all based on the same values and know-how, which are matched in collaboration with the customer to accommodate the specific needs within every solution.

This way we ensure that each catering solution meets the specific customer needs, not only in terms of food, but also in terms of environment, employees and service.

Abiezer as the leading institutional caterer with in the hospitality industry

  • Company restaurant
  • Canteen / Cafeteria management
  • Executive dining
  • Employee meal / coffee program
  • Logistics management
  • Manpower recruitment
  • External vendor coordination
  • Culinary events & promotions
  • Washroom service / maintenance
  • Crowd control management
  • Exclusive catering for client
  • Corporate functions / seminar arrangement