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Our space tells a lot about us. Whether it is our place of residence or a place of business, the ambience projected by our space gives a lasting impression, a piece of who we are.

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We guarantee 100% satisfaction for all our works.

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No jobs are too big or too small

We go beyond just replacing the old or repairing the damaged. We strive to improve any type of space, inspired by our clients' vision of their dream home or establishment.

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FRP Products

Today Fiberglas Reinforced Thermosetting Plastic ("FRP") is being used in many industrial product applications, including the storage and transfer of corrosive materials or the handling of other materials in corrosive environments. While FRP piping has a 30-year history, it is considered a modern day product material with many new emerging applications that take advantage of its corrosion resistance, strength-to-weight ratio, low maintenance and life cycle cost. This paper discusses the history of FRP piping, current applications of FRP pipe and emerging future technological advances for new applications in petroleum storage and handling facilities.

FRP piping with ordinary thermoplastic piping like PVC and polyethylene. Those thermoplastic systems typically employ non-reinforced extruded pipe and injection-molded fittings and flanges. What strength they have comes from the sheer bulk of material. By contrast, FRP piping materials are manufactured by winding processes that employ epoxy resins reinforced with continuous glass filaments. The resins used are thermosetting i.e., they undergo irreversible chemical reactions as they cure, resulting in superior temperature capabilities, while the filament reinforcement makes the piping components mechanically far more capable than ordinary non-reinforced thermoplastics. The result is enhanced performance and lighter weight.

Products Features

All our FRP pipe and fittings are made in Malaysia, supplying FRP pipe and fittings to corrosion resistant industries worldwide. A special manufacturing system that is a union of handicraft and technical processes that are implemented to make every piece of pipe and fitting conform to industry standards. You'll be astonished to see all our products are both structurally and aesthetically sound.


We offer a full line of fibreglass fittings and piping for immediate delivery. If your project requires a turn-key approach, we have a full time union field crew for on-site installation. With detailed drawings, we can also pre-spool your piping system.

List of FRP Products:

  • FRP panels and channels
  • Honey comb & structures.
  • Marine items like buoys, etc.
  • Filter Nutsch and any kind of filters.
  • Air bowlers, fan casing, impeller and motor / pulley guard.
  • Aeration Floats, roofing sheets and krinkal glass.
  • Plain flat sheet or decorative sheets.
  • Floor gratings, steps, platform floor with rough surface.
  • FRP Pipes, Bends, Tees, Reducers.
  • Custom moulding for any kind of display items.
  • Circular (or) rectangular tank with all accessories.
  • FRP scrubber or water quench system
  • Absorption towers, carbon filter column.
  • Drying towers, Degassers.
  • Exhaust system and duct works
  • Solar stills, wind blades and etc.
  • Hoods, covers and fume stacks.
  • Water storage tank.
  • Electrical items like panel and trenching.
  • Chemical Corrosive proof FRP lining and floor protection.

FRP Products

Abiezer Fibre Glass products is a leader in manufacturing and supplying world class fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP, GRP) products like tanks, vessels, grating, cable tray, agitator, roof sheets and ducting. We also offer air pollution control system, blowers and etc. We the group of engineers under take Design, Fabrication, Delivery and Erection at site.

We are a well established name engaged in manufacturing of Advertising Displays in various unique designs and shapes. Ideal for advertising, these display boards are sure to attract attention of the clients. We also offer our advertising displays that are made using fibre glass reinforced plastic and are durable in quality.

We manufacture and offer Chemical Tanks that are fabricated from fibre glass. These tanks are used for containing spills like spill berms, absorbent products, flexible containments, acid storage, containment berms & centers, pillow tank, decontamination pools, containment pools, drive-thru spill berm, drum tippers, decontamination control, drum storage, spill containment, drum basins, drum pallet kings, flammable cabinets, and flammable storage and many more.

Having high mechanical strength and durable in quality, our range of various Domestic and Industrial Items is used in different industries. Made using fiber glass reinforced plastic, these products are used available in different shapes

We bring for our clients FRP Corrugated Rooflite Sheets that are fibre reinforced sheets. These products are used in as roof lite sheets. Flexible yet strong, these products are light in weight and strong. Manufactured by our experts, these FRP made corrugated rooflite sheets are easy to install and are also clear for light transmission.

We manufacture and offer FRP Ductings that are widely used in different applications that include furan, epoxy thermosets and phenolic. Our products are known for their features like resistance against corrosion, high strength. The other features include flame development performance as well as enhanced solvent resistance performance.

We manufacture and offer FRP Based Lining that is widely used in different auto parts as well as gears. The Gear Trolley Rods & Pipes are made up of FRP. The fixing rest pads at base portion helps in avoiding metal to metal contact at the time of loading & unloading of parts. All inspection tables to be fixed with FRP glossy sheets and table angles to be lined with FRP having Gel-Coat for smooth surface finish. Machine chutes to be coated with FRP having gel coat cover to avoid direct contact of Precision part to machine and tray edges.

We manufacture and offer Fumes Modes. These products are based on advanced technology and are used as air pollution control equipment. These equipment help in the controlling as well as measuring of gases, atmospheric emissions & other related polluting factors for different industries. Our range of fumes mode include Scrubber and fume extraction system, Blowers and duct & pipes.

Having high mechanical strength and durable in quality, our range of various Domestic and Industrial Items is used in different industries. Made using fiber glass reinforced plastic, these products are used available in different shapes